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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Taking a step back // Cove

Between house hunting , getting a mortgage , driving lessons and working 9-5 I feel like I have been go go go for the past few months , me and my other half are always ones for adventures and exploring and we definitely lost sight of that in the bigs changes that are happening in our life.

So on Saturday we set away in the car to a tiny little village called Cove , heres some of the gorgeous pictures we got.

Loving those angles!

It was such a breather to take a step back and enjoy a non shopping day out.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Seventeen define&conquer contour kit

Like usual I feel a little bit late jumping on the contour post bandwagon but I was super super impressed with this kit I picked up in Boots

Seventeen was never a brand I would ever look at in Boots mostly cause I never heard a lot about there products but once the reviews started flooding in about their 'Define & Conquer Contour Kit' I just had to give it a bash.

I've used blusher for quite a while but bronzer and highlighter are definitely a thing in the past year I've gotten more into and boy I would never look back.

It comes in two shades fair and medium , I picked up medium and think it's a bit dark for me as I have really fair skin but at the time I didn't realised there were to shades, silly me.I apply this with my Real Techniques contour brush for a real defined look.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

What i've been loving this week // 18th January.

Ah the return of the loving this week post, I don't know why I stopped these in the first place but here's this week to kick off.

2015 diary// Whsmith 

If you're an 02 user you'll surely know all about the wonderful world of 02 priority full of free things and competitions , well just recently the had an offer for a 2015 diary for Whsmith free up to the value of £10.00 so I had a look about a thought this was the nicest one , hardback and goes day by day with loads of space to write, So hopefully as Ive said every year before this will be the year to get organised and plan more!

Urban decay naked 2 basics palette // Debenhams 

If you usually read my posts you'll know my last one was my thoughts on this palette which you can read here, but i've never really delved into eyeshadow before but this one is just a dream! and if you haven't heard of it by now where on earth have you been.

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum // Boots

This was actually an item I got for christmas , I have heard it and seen it everywhere on the run up to christmas but had never smelt it but this is my new perfume favourite! I really can't explain smells but its quite musky and in a gorgeous little bottle perfect for anyone's dressing table display.

Ripped molly jeans // River Island 

Now these jeans I managed to get in the boxing day sales ( yes i'm one of those people ) but I had been looking for a perfect pair of ripped jeans for a while , all the other ones I tried on either looked really strange on me or didn't fit , so when I found these I grabbed them and took them straight to the checkout , I got a size 14 which I thought would be a little tight but they were so perfect fitting and the ripped knee isn't half way up my leg, Needless to say I might hold on to summer to wear these.

Loreal True Match // Boots 

Ah the ever raved and talked about foundation , I thought there is far too many good reviews out there for me to not try it out as a struggler of finding the perfect foundation. I really really like this I got the lightest shade which I think is ivory.At first I thought it was very watery and going to be a nightmare to blend into my skin but it really wasn't I used my Real techniques buffing brush and the beauty bender to get the perfect finish.

So that's this weeks favorites, comment below on things youve been enjoying this week.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Naked 2 basics palette // Eyes for beginners

I've never been the biggest user of eyeshadow , although with the eyeliner its a big yes.Thats why until now I have never thought to invest in a palette from urban decay or any high end brand, no matter how much they were raved about.

After Christmas though I had a bit of spare money ,new year , new me , new make up! So I picked up the basics 2 palette just to try out and experiment before I got one of the bigger palettes.

This palettes has 6 neutral matte shades starting from the lightest 'Skimp' which is a cream colour to the darkest 'Undone' which is a grey shade.

To apply these shades I use my Real Techniques Nic's picks base shadow brush for the base colour obviously and my angled shadow brush to place in the crease so it's a bit more precise, I use either of these brushes to blend out and my fingers if I get impatient!

I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who is a bit weary of experimenting with eyeshadow as I was , it has converted me.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Toni&Guy // product review

For me I am super picky with hair products , a lot of boxes have to be ticked before I stick to a hair product which I don't think I have ever done! I do like to experiment though and try out new things , well this was one of them.

I got this Toni&Guy hair product kit out of boots for £6 in the sale which was just a total bargain

Defintely was the bag that drew me in and will be used for make up at some point or another!

this came with the Create extreme hold hairspray 75ml

Cleanse dry shampoo 75ml

Prep hair protection mist 150ml 

I instantly fell in love with this as soon as I sprayed the protection mist the smell it too die for an leaves my hair feeling so soft.

the hairspray is just a dream too, no crispy hair and smell that lasts 

and finally the first dry shampoo that leaves absolutely no white residue in my hair which I thought was just impossible after trying so many out definitely my favourite product! 

Once Im finished i'll definitely be repurchasing and recommend anyone else to do the same!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Discontinued // Lush haul

Shock shock , I'm back and with another lush haul , I just can't get enough of that place and when they have a 50% off all halloween & christmas products I just couldn't ignore!

By the time I got there a lot of stock was gone but these are the few I managed to grab!

Hot Toddy // shower gel

 I mentioned this is my last lush haul post but I only bought the tiny bottle well they had the biggest ones and I grabbed it for around £6! over the most as I loved using it over christmas  and didn't want it too finish! If you like cinnamon and glitter this is a good pick.

Ambrosia // Shaving cream

I've never been one for shaving cream or foam I usually just use soap but Ive heard really great things about Lush's creams and picked up this one , I haven't used it yet but done a tester on the back of my hand and it left it incredibly soft so fingers crossed it does the job.

Bath bombs

A trip to lush just isn't complete without picking up some bath bomb , I can't remember the names of these as they were just giving items in a paper bag without labels but I think the blue one is Shooting star and then So white. These as well were end of line so you can't buy them anymore.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Iphone 5s cases // Haul

I think my next favourite thing after having an iPhone is finding the nicest cases everywhere to accessories my other half!

I haven't got many but I'm sure they'll be a lot to add too the post but I thought I would just show where you can easily pick them up.

These first two are very similar i first bought the owl one and then seen they had a snowflake one and thought well I need to have some sort of christmas case! these are both from Primark and £3 each which is such a bargain.

the next one is also from Primark and I'm taking it as cat ears at the top and i'll stick to that story this one was a steal at just a £1 

the last one I got is from Tesco and its made my the brand Turtle, after having a lil wander they had a whole box of covers on clearance and I spotted this one straight away and at only £3 I had to have it! and it reminds me that life is definitely peachy 

Thanks for reading :) leave a comment below where you get your phone cases for some cute and quirky ones.

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