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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tea Time!

So lately In my feeble attempts to become a bit healthier ( blame the Easter chocolate ) I have started drinking much more tea! 

I have always been a tea person but mostly just a cup of earl grey and never really branched out until recently starting with picking up a box of lemon & ginger tea, I was a bit weary but turned out to love this and now usually have to get a new box every week!

I also got a suggestion to try green tea which I was closed minded to due to trying it a couple of years back and being left with the taste of mud so was thoroughly put off but I  thought I was give it another try and get one with some flavor so whilst I was in Marks & Spencers one day I noticed they had their own range of tea which was very cheap as well! they had a brilliant range but really it was their packaging that drew me in ( yes i'm one of those people )

So I picked up some organic green tea with jasmine and some peppermint tea (caffeine free) I also only tried peppermint a couple of weeks ago after trying one from a fellow work friend  who raved about it and I loved it! when I went to get some for myself from asda there was a deal on for PG tips for only  £1 so I grabbed that right up! but this time I thought I was give m&s's range a little shot and I absolutely loved it, the organic tea with jasmine is delicious it really has a fresh clean taste to it so I have been converted!!  now I can't remember completely but I am sure these were both ,

 Along with these being tasty to drink these do aid weight loss as well went drinking in large amounts, I think the amounts are 5 cups a day! I also feel when I drink these it really curbs my hunger so perfect f you're trying to cut down on snacking!

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What's in my bag?

Well they day that I have decided to do this post,I've been caught on a good bag day.When It come to my daily handbag I get a little over prepared for any situation to happen (everything but the kitchen sink is in it) but believe me if I could fit that it would be in there too.

but for some reason I seemed to have cut this down, maybe due to the fact I now travel everyday and there is nothing worse than a heavy handbag and never being able to find anything in it! so here's a little look into the essentials I carry along with me!

First off I always carry a magazine with me and of course it has to be Company, long journeys are definitely made more easy with this!
make up is just a must in my bag,cause I have quite oily skin I need to make sure everything stays in it place when i'm out of the house for so long,Along with hand sanitiser & hand cream since i'm a bit of a germaphobe 

Obviously a purse is essential and some perfume to keep fresh i'm using Vera Wang's princess but usually flip between this and Calvin Klein euphoiria! and talking about keeping fresh I always carry a tin of batiste as I am partial to playing with my hair too much and some chewing gum!

So this is what I usually carry in my bag if anyone would like me to do a review on what I have or where I got things just comment below :)

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