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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lipstick & Nail polish haul // Topshop

Recently I've picked up a few pieces from Topshop, I have been getting really into there lipsticks ,the packaging and the range of colours have just incised me in 

The first lipsticks I picked up were ohh la la// £8.00 which is a bright orange / Pinky colour which is quite sheer with the application , this is definitely a summer colour and really brightens the face, Along with another really summery colour is Innocent // £8.00 Which is quite a shimmery pink colour also quite sheer
I'm not usually into sheer colours and I think they wash me out and I think these were no different would definitely suit a darker skin tone.
Two that I picked up recently were Rio Rio // £8.00 , now this colour was right up my street when I picked up looked like a deep orange but after I took it home it was more of a dark red I don't know  what I was seeing in the store! but none the less red is my favourite lipstick colour and the application is just amazing.

Now the next on is a lip bullet Joyride //  £8.00 this is my favourite of all of them. On the stick it looks quite red but on application its quite a deep pink it goes on really flawless 

All lipsticks out of Topshop are currently 2 for £12.00 which is quite a bargain!

The nail polishes I got were 'All I need is aniseed' & 'Lost for words' both pinks , the All I need is aniseed is a deep pink with great application throne thing I was impressed by were how quickly they dried , this colour only needed one coat and it was good to good so this is great if you were in a rush , The same couldn't be said for Lost for words, a very pale pink that is sheer I had to put on three coats of this to get the desired colour but when it had dried the colour was just gorgeous
These two nail polishes were £5 each 

Thanks for reading , comment below on our favourite Topshop make up product!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Clothing & Accessories Haul // August

So today I have a very little , very black clothing haul for you lovely people.

I thought I had a lot more to show until I started taking these pictures but thought I should still put this up since I said in my last blog post I was going to do one

First things first (I'm a realist) I have a bone to pick with Topshop , the instant I saw these shorts I fell in love with them so I got my usual size and nipped to the fitting room and I could barely get the flipping thing over my thigh so I got the bigger size and it still didn't fit, so I did what any normal person done, I still bought them for when 'I loose weight' wow I can get them on but dare I try to sit down!

Hopefully you can see where I'm coming from on the not putting the shorts down and walking away! these were reduced from £38.00 to £15.00 in the sale!

Next thing I picked up in Topshop was this crop t shirt (that does fit) after watching melon ladys video about crop tops for bigger people I decided to experiment a bit and found this was perfect with high waisted shorts or jeans , This was £5.00 in the sale 

This dress I have literally fallen in love with , I got this out of H&M for £14 I always feel like every time I go in this store it's either realllllly nice items or just very dire , this however caught my eye as soon as I walked in the store and thought it was just very autumny 

I had first spotted this cardigan on a friend and wanted it instantly (lucky for her I controlled myself) and once she told me it was out of Primark for £14.00 I grabbed my running shoes and off I went, It's so perfect to just go over any outfit of these chilly nights and to add a little something else , it's not the most exciting piece but feel its a nice twist on a wardrobe essential 

Last couple of items are a bag and some shoes nothing interesting behind these but thought they were very nice staples and have hardly taken both of them off , the bag was £12.00 // Primark and the shoes were £19.00 (I think) out of new look 

So there is my lil clothing haul, Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Beauty haul // August.

My first blog post after being away for a while of course had to be a beauty haul, these are just I have picked up in August , If you would like any individual reviews then please comment below! Also I will have a clothing haul coming soon!

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Little life update.

I've not been very present for the last month as you have probably realised (or not thats ok too) but my life has been all over the place in the best possible way.

I finally managed to land myself a full time job after such a long time and a lot of effort I've been paid for the months of hell.

Due to this little perk up I get in at night and the first thing on my mind is going straight into bed and sleeping obviously not before I catch up on my favourite blog and youtube channels, I barely been able to fit anytime to see friends. It's definitely been a life changing month for me and trying to adjust but i'm getting there and love every second of it.

Another massive plus of me getting this job as I will have better posts and content ( as I can afford to buy the things I want too ) oh and i'm typing this from my new Macbook!! so editing pictures etc etc will become a lot easier and not having to wait ridiculous amounts of time just for my laptop to switch on!

So I'll definitely been back with more blog posts if you're still interested in reading! 

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