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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips

Following my previous post about Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail polish which you can check using the link, I've decided to give their new lip range a bash 

I had first heard about these whilst watching one of blogger Rhiannon Ashlee (Fashionrocksmysocks) vlogs, I loved the look of the packaging and I am forever getting taking in my packaging, the color looks so bright and vibrant, Just what my make up bag really needs!!

So I headed straight to Boots to do  little testing on the colors! I was so impressed by all of them but a little strapped for cash, fortunately boots have an offer on for buy one get one half price so it made a little easier to choose what colors I wanted

These don't have names but, the pink color is number 4 and red is 2, I thought these were both so gorgeous even if I don't need any more red lipstick in my life! They both apply very well and smooth but the red is a lot more opaque than the pink but easily layered!

I think I will definitely be picking up more of these

Thanks for reading :)

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail paint

So this weekend I popped into town to get started on shopping for Mothers day (which I managed to finish! woo) whilst I was in boots searching through some of the make up products which my mum would like, I couldn't stay away from the nail polish section in Barry M and as soon as I seen these my heart just skipped a beat

I've been stuck to red for the past few weeks due to all my light colors turning gloppy or empty bottles, and I feel so gloom with red on whilst the bright sun was out to celebrate the start of Spring!so when I found these I knew they would be perfect for this season....and summer and they will go with almost anything! very happy find and even better that Boots have  buy one get one half price offer on and only £3.99 each,so I picked up huckleberry 404 and rose hip 402,So definitely hurry and take advantage of the offer!!

thanks for reading :)

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Montagne Jennesse Hot chocolate&orange self heating pore cleansing mask review


Not so long ago I discovered this little piece of gold in Primark!

Montagne jennesse's Hot Chocolate & orange self heating pore cleansing face mask. On my trip to Glasgow with a friend last month I picked up this mask in Primark for only 99p,I thought I may as well give it a bash.I have tried a few of their masks before and have always liked the aftermath, and for such a low price it's a really nice way just to perk your skin up a bit and give yourself a bit of pampering time! 

That night I decided to give this a little shot, as soon as I opened the packet the scent of terry's chocolate orange just blasted out which had me smitten over this product already.It is so hard to not just eat this!

I have tried a few self heating masks before but never really been too impressed just by the fact of yes they do get warm but nothing that really feels like it does anything. As soon as I applied this too my skin it was like all my pores cried with happiness, it's very warming (obviously tolerable warmth) after applying this it made my hands look like I just shoved them into a massive bowl of melted chocolate which I was loving!

I left this on for about 15 and the whole time it was on my face,the heat kept. I used a very hot cloth to this off, and surprisingly it budges very easily!  I just splashed some cold water over my face afterwards just to close my pores up.

My face was incredibly soft after and felt very very clean! I would definitely recommend this product and even better it's on offer in boots just now for 89p,it's worth a trip!!

Thanks for reading :)

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Primark& H&M haul

So this weekend one of my friends and I took a trip to Glasgow to see Jack Whitehall in the Hydro which was absolutely amazing but also a lot of shopping took place! surprise surprise I spent money!  but hey ho I got some lovely bits and pieces and hardly spent anything, I was mostly excited to head to an even bigger Primark than m local one as sad as that sounds so yeah here are the things I picked up in my little adventure 

So I had seen a few bloggers talking about this but I couldn't find this in my local Primark,So when I looked at the make up section I was so thrilled to find this,I got it in medium and was only £1.50!! so I wasn't going wrong any where by buying it, I have only used a couple of times but I find this perfect with the spoolie on one end and pencil on the other is perfect for taking places and can be applied so lightly to give a natural look! I would definitely recommend this 

I bought these boots in my local Primark but felt they needed a mention in this haul as they are just gorgeous, I love Chelsea boots (not just because it is my name) they are so easy to wear with anything and my god they are comfy these were only £12 so a complete steal! I also picked up some socks,not the most exciting part but thought they were pretty spring colors and would look nice with my boots and costing only £2.50

Now these little accessories pieces I picked up I thought were just so pretty,starting with the sunglasses cause thank goodness the sun is starting to peak back through! they look cat eye with polka dots on the legs,just a nice little extra piece for £2.50, I also picked up some bun toppers which is a thing I have never owned but yet again the spring colors dragged me into buying these and only £1.50 each and the last piece was the silver Aztec design neck,it reaches all the way around the neck and is quite heavy but just nice with a plain dress and only £3!

Now to some clothes I picked these navy with red polka dot shorts for only £3 in the sale! I thought they would be gorgeous for summer, I also picked up this basic skirt for h&m as you could tell i'm a bit of a sucker for polka dot and just couldn't resist this for £4.

Thank you for reading :)

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Alfie the hamster

Two days three days ago my other half and I bought a hamster :D after long consideration we couldn't wait about anymore and found this little guy in pets at home,I feel instantly in love with him 

yes the cage is pink and the ball we got for him too is pink but this is before we bought him and thought we were going to get a girl, but i'm sure he loves it! obviously as we have only had him for a little while he is very shy and nervous but I made brilliant progress last night with him where he took treats out of my hand and actually climbed onto me (I had to stop myself from screaming with cuteness) 
I'm letting him have his time and create his own space without me touching much and letting him place them where he wants it

Since I've got Alfie I haven't stopped looking at things online to buy for him and at pets at home, I just want to get everything for him

Luckily his cage can be added on to and buy tubes and different sections and when I have a bit more room i'll definitely do that as I don't want him to only have this space,he should be able to explore.

Thank you for reading and i'm sure i'll keep you updated on this little chap :)

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My Soap and Glory obsession

So just like 90% of the population i'm a soap and glory hoarder(feels better to admit)

This all started about 2 years ago and over this time I have tested,threw out,emptied an number of there items and up to this point this is what I am left with 

To some this may not be much and I agree I could do with a lot more if I had the space!

A few are duplicates but plenty supply makes me feel better
These here are my favorite products! 
Starting with the righteous butter this is so creamy and smells so light on your skin it's brilliant for the summer time!
The endless glove hand cream is heavenly yet again smelling just amazing it's leave your hands so soft and I always use the hand maid before the glove to give my hands a treat!
Butter yourself is lovely as you can tell by the fact I own three of these it feels a little moosey but incredibly smoothing!
And my last favorite is calm one calm all bubble bath, this is just amazing after a long day! you only need about 2 cap fulls so this lasts a while, it smells so calming and moisturizes your skin whilst your in the bath it is heavenly 

Now my least favorites, as you can tell there is not much that I don't like about Soap and Glory.
The first one would have to be the scrub your nose in it face scrub and the only complaint I have about this is it breaks me out, I have tried it many times bu always the next day have broke out but this is my own fault for buying this as my face is incredibly sensitive and this is strong smelling and very exfoliating but for somebody with normal skin I would definitely recommend this  
Now the scrub em and leave em body buff, on my body I like rough exfoliater this just doesn't do the job for me but it does smell gorgeous!  

All these products are sold on the boots website,but unfortunately some have been discontinued, let me know below what your favorite Soap and Glory product is 

Thank you for reading :)

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Stripped & cat fake nails

On my trip into Primark the other day (yet again) to buy some boots I came across their whole new collection of fake nails, some questionable but some just dam cute, Mainly these cat and polka dot ones and soon as I set my eyes on them I wanted them and only £1 you can't go a miss I actually applied these this morning! I thought the stripped ones as well was adorable and nice to just finish off an outfit without the fiddle of doing it yourself!

I'm a sucker for fake nails due to my failure to grow my own nails but these have just taken my nail obsession  further I'm sure i'll be returning for more

Both sets were £1

Thank you for reading :)

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