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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mini haul-Budget buys.

So after my interview today I decided to take a trip into town as I had some cash to spend and Superdrug vouchers I wanted to use.

First stop was Primark looking for the new eye palettes they are selling in the P.S love beauty range,I had seen them being reviewed by a few bloggers and I couldn't resist but unfortunately this was the fifth trip I was taking into my local Primark for this item and this fifth unsuccessful time,I know have to accept they don't sell them, which is very difficult! But just as I was leaving the store,this stripped dress caught my eye and even better it was £5! 

With my mood being picked up with this find I headed to Superdrug to find a nice bargain, First thing I picked was obviously some more of collection 2000's concealer,Just an essential in my make up bag and I was running out, I then went to skincare as I don't really pay much attention to other skincare products as I have it coming out of my ears but I spotted this hot cloth cleanser, unfortunately I never got to the point where I can afford to the high end versions of the product,so I when I found this I was over the moon, I feel the only problem I may have with it is it's more for dry skin which I do have but also oily so I tend to sway away from things that don't associate with anti blemish but I couldn't ignore this product at only £4.99,I then continued to look at the make up and came across the MUA where a little eye shadow trio attracted my attention,I've never tried any of MUA's other products except their red lipstick as it is so affordable,but this trio looked exactly like some of the colors I was wanting for the Primark palette,So I grabbed it,It seems to be medium pigmentation but that's not an issue as it can easily built up

Thank you for reading :)

Primark striped dress-£5
Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser-£4.99
MUA eyeshadow trio-£2.50
Collections Lasting perfection concealer-£3.99

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Skincare routine

Today I thought I would make a post about my skincare routine and upkeep! There is nothing too special to my skincare I like to keep my products affordable but also getting the best quality I can find. I feel like this wouldn't be my very final skincare that will work forever, but for now it seems to be keeping my skin healthy and improving it each day I have combination skin so it is difficult to find products that will agree with my skin but enough of my rambling,hope this helps :) x

First off I like to use the tea tree range from The Body Shop for washing my face etc I find this is the most effective as it leaves such a cooling feeling and for someone that suffers from acne it is such a relief after wearing make up.I only use the scrub every 3-4 days as my skin is so sensitive it was irritate it too much,when I do use this I mix it with the facial wash which I use everyday and I this gives it a bit of a softer feel,I then use the tea tree oil which is handy for multiple thing but I just put it onto a cotton pad and apply it directly to acne on my skin this product I've only started using so I'm not sure yet if this effective.

I use the simple range as it so gentle on the skin you don't feel like you are slapping your face with harsh products,with the toner is just feels like water but really fresh smelling,I always use this before I go to bed and sometimes use during the day if I'm having a non make up day and it's so refreshing.I also use the cleanser,this is perfect at taking my make up off and soothing the skin,I don't use this too often as I'm lazy and just like to skim my face with a baby wipe but when I do find the effort to use it I feel very moisturised and fresh!and the third product I use is their moisturiser,not much to say about this,it does what is says on the tin and does it well :)

And my last and favourite product is grease lightning spot treatment by lush, lush is an all time favourite of mines I can't enter that shop without leaving with a ton of new products to try out, this I actually bought a very long time ago which impresses me all the more due to the fact I have still a ton of product left. It's made for blemished,acne prone skin and they use gentle ingredients such as carrageen seaweed, aloe vera and sea water all mixed into a gel formula which is so easily to apply and dries in no time,now this product does leave the skin dried out but what I like to do is apply my moisturiser on top and refrain from using it every night but other than that it leaves a massive improvement for such a reasonable price.

Thank you so much for reading and hope this wasn't too rambley :)

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