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Friday, 12 December 2014

Iphone 5s cases // Haul

I think my next favourite thing after having an iPhone is finding the nicest cases everywhere to accessories my other half!

I haven't got many but I'm sure they'll be a lot to add too the post but I thought I would just show where you can easily pick them up.

These first two are very similar i first bought the owl one and then seen they had a snowflake one and thought well I need to have some sort of christmas case! these are both from Primark and £3 each which is such a bargain.

the next one is also from Primark and I'm taking it as cat ears at the top and i'll stick to that story this one was a steal at just a £1 

the last one I got is from Tesco and its made my the brand Turtle, after having a lil wander they had a whole box of covers on clearance and I spotted this one straight away and at only £3 I had to have it! and it reminds me that life is definitely peachy 

Thanks for reading :) leave a comment below where you get your phone cases for some cute and quirky ones.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Body Shop // Christmas range

So it begins with the christmas items and I love it! it has got to be my favourite time of the year and especially when shops like The Body Shop bring out things that smell like it. I'm a sucker and always buy them.

This month I had £5 off my purchase since it was my birthday so I picked up two items to try out on their new range

They released Glazed Apple , Frosted Cranberry & Vanilla Brûlée 

I only picked up the frosted cranberry shimmer lotion ( believe me there is definite shimmer ) & vanilla brûlée shower gel for they cold mornings you don't want to move from bed hopefully the smell of a hot baking brûlée will entice me out!, these are just perfect for gifts & little treats for yourself.

This Thursday & Friday they have 40% off for Love Your Body card members and a free gift when you spend £30 or more so hurry and stock up on some christmas treats!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Mini lush haul // November

This past month has just been insane for me and I've had little time to even think about blogging which has made me feel really incomplete!! Now that I'm back on track and in routine i'm back to doing what I love.

I thought I would just jump right in with a little lush haul , a few things from the christmas range and a few just golden oldies!

Basically this is the second time i've bought this stuff in the space of a month because my first attempt I left lying somewhere for a lucky person to pick up (not intentional) but I can't go too long without having a lack of lush products in my life so I replaced them all.

Now onto the part everyone is here for!

Hot toddy // shower gel £3.95

This product is from their christmas range , a gorgeous burgundy colour with shimmery gold sprinkles in it to dd that festive feeling! This has a little biota a manly smell to it, quite spice but none the less still gorgeous and moisturising!

Melting snowman // Bath melt £2.25

This very sad looking snowman is very similar smelling to the hot toddy shower gel except this one, made with almond oil and cocoa butter , so super smoothing and relaxing , just pop this in the bath and let the little guy do his thing. Although i'm quite upset to realise he should have had a orange nose , mines must have fell off!

Snow fairy sparkle // Massage bar £4.95

This gorgeous snow fairy delight is my favourite , smells exactly like all the other snow fairy items which I'm sure you have all tried out! With a gorgeous silver sparkle through it too make you look glowing and left smelling like... well an angel!

Candy mountain // bubble bar £2.75

Last but certainly not least is good old candy mountain , not in the christmas range but just always one I can't get enough off with its calming colours and sweet smell I always make sure I pick this up, it's also a very similar smell too the rockstar soap which I'm also a big fan of!

Thats its for my lil mini lush haul , thanks for reading!!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

October Birchbox // #CoppaFeel

This months Birchbox has me really excited, with amazing contents and an ever more amazing campaign I am super impressed

This month is #CoppaFeel you can visit their website CoppaFeel to find out more information but basically is encouraging us to do more checks and be more aware of breast cancer , this months birch box includes things to look out for and changes.

They are always encouraging to get out this change of season slump and get motivated again , including a 14 day checklist to get you back and bouncing! 

Now onto what's inside the months box

Cattier // Pink clay face mask £4.25

This brand I had never heard of before now , I received two packet sized sample of the mask that is specifically for sensitive skin which is a bonus for me and my face seems to be having some sort of weird breakout and it just needs a little calming down! 

KMS California // Tame frizz taming creme £15.50

This is yet another saviour in this months box, since I was really young i've had ultra frizzy hair , not even curly , just straight and frizzy and I'm always trying to find new products to help and none have done that great a job yet so hopefully this will change!

Shaveworks // The cool fix £11

This little star is a gel / lotion that treats ingrown hairs, razor bumps , razor burn & redness , which is just brilliant , I always suffer from redness after I shave and I'm really hoping this makes some difference!

Pixi by Petra // Shea butter lip balm £9

This one just got me arghhh, Ive wanted to try this brand for ages and seen a lot about this recently , so when I seen this in the box I was super excited! I got the honey nectar tint and it leaves a gorgeous subtle nude colour and smells so nice! I was definitely be repurchasing.

Lollipops // Nail Lacquer £7

I'm forever painting my nails and hunting out news brands to try out, as soon as I seen the colour I was a very happy person , I had been wanting to paint my nails red for a week or so since it was coming into Autumn but I had done a big clear out of my nail polishes and didn't have any red so, This is a really deep red and perfect for this season!

This month also included the cutest pen and case which i'm probably going to use for make up 

I'm super super impressed with this months Birchbox and can't wait to try out these new brands!

Comment below on what you think of your October Birchbox!

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Travel make up bag // October

I thought I would do a post on what I take in my travel make up bag i.e. travelling to work, unfortunately not on holiday!

I used to take crazy amounts and never use half of it so I got a new make up bag out of Primark and thought I would cut down what I was taking!

For brushes I picked up the Real Techniques mini must haves which you can find at superdrug for £7.99! They are perfect travel size and have the same great quality as full size Real Techniques , I carry two full size ones , the contour brush which I used for blending concealer and applying powder and the detailer brush for those awkward little creases and you can never go wrong with a pair of tweezers!

Like I said I used to take my whole face make up with me but I now I just take bare essentials , I usually take foundation even if I don't use it to sort my make up never know where I might end up and its just a safety net!

Concealer , eyebrow pencil and lipstick are my must haves!! I always end up rubbing off my eyebrows and I always need things concealed. Powder is usually another essential but this little Soap and Glory Concealer beauty has a power in it! saving space is my game!

I tend to always carry two lipsticks as I wear a nude to work but might be going out afterwards and like to use a more bold colour so I pop two in the morning.

What is the Hersheys lip balm I can hear you say, from Primark for £1 I wasn't expecting much but it is the tastiest lip balm Ive ever had and really moistening for the time it stays on my lips which doesn't tend to be long!

Thanks for reading, If you want to know where the rest of the products are from let me know!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Loving this week #4

Ready for another loving this week? It's a little late , I usually post on Fridays with this but I think I'm going to change it too a Sunday! 

So on we go

Polka dot lettered make up bag // Primark

I picked up this make up bag the other day as my one the zip had broken so all my make up would fall into my bag , definitely time to get a new one! I'm a sucker for polka dots so this was perfect and has my initial on it, very cute. It has two sections , I'll probably use one for brushes and one for make up items. The material is really nice and easily cleanable which is obviously a plus! This was £3.00.

Loreal Paris hair expertise everpure colour care & Moisture Shampoo&Conditioner // Boots

I found this in the clearance section in boots , I really suggest looking into this section as you can get some amazing deals! This product is originally £6.20 each and I got them for £3.10 each, Im not sure why these were in clearance as there was nothing wrong with them but this is definitely my new favourite shampoo and conditioner. Smell in these products is important for me and these definitely tick the boxes.
The shampoo smells very fresh and the conditioner I can definitely smell peppermint when I use this, they leave my hair feeling gorgeous and too know they protect my dyed hair is an added bonus!

Alexa Chung 'It'// Waterstones 

I'm sure you've all heard about this book , I picked up the paperback one as they were doing a buy one get one half price for this. I read this in a day , I loved how it was like an advice / information but done in a subtle way. Would suggest this book to anyone that loved beauty & fashion!

Dark red block heel chelsea boots //  New Look

I spotted these within some displays in New Look last week and knew I had to have them, funny enough I haven't had them off my feet since , these are super easy to walk in and are quite spongey , they go with pretty much everything but I've been wearing them with dresses and my boyfriend coat for a very Autumn look! these were only £24.99 which I think is a bargain!

Thanks for reading! If you've been enjoying any of these items too let me know below!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Soap and glory // Archery 2 in 1 brow filling pencil & brush.

As you lovely people have probably noticed I am becoming obsessed with Soap and Glory's make up range , Ive tried there lipsticks and concealers but I hadn't got around to trying the raved and hyped up eyebrow filling pencil 'Archery' mainly because every time I went to my soap and glory stand in my local boots they were all sold out! but luckily I found one just laying they're a couple of days ago and grabbed it straight away

A few bloggers have been saying it's a lot like the Anastasia brow wiz , but cheaper! I haven't tried the Anastasia brow wiz myself but I trusted what they said and went ahead and bought Archery.

Ive always been a powder girl for my eyebrows and I felt pencil always went wrong so I steered clear , but apon buying Archery I don't think I would ever go back to powder now.

The finish the product gives is incredible,It has quite a creamy consistency and the colour is just perfect.

The only downside I have to this product is it's only in two shades ,Blondshell & Hot chocolate. Just luckily enough the hot chocolate was not too dark.

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Benefit // How to look the best at everything flawless complexion kit review.

I picked up this little beauty from Debenhams last week and have used it quite a few times now so I thought I should share my opinion on the cute little complexion kit! First off, round of applause for packaging , here I am sucked in again just cause the packaging it to die for! i think you could agree!

Whats included?
Porefessional // 7.5ml
Hello flawless oxygen wow SPF 25 ivory // 7.0ml
Boi - ing 01 & 02 // 2 x 1.5
Hello flawless 'I love me' // 4.0g

It also includes some helpful tips & tricks to help you apply and use these products to get the best results , I thought that was a really nice touch.

Before I got started I cleansed , moisturised and applied eye cream to prep, this one I got in my September birch box and have got to say I am loviiinnngg.

I started off with using the porefessional , this is something I've never tried before despite its popularity , I was surprised when I took some product out and it wasn't clear or white like all the previous primers I've tried out but it was completely transparent on the face and blended well into my zones of enlarged pores!

Despite reallllly not wanting too , I didn't like the product at all. The colour was completely off and made me look orange but i'm ultra pale so always need the lightest of lightest everything! the finish was also very sheer but upon doing this post I read the tips & tricks and it says to pat on for a more full coverage look so I might give it another shot.

This I loved! I use for under my eyes and on my blemishes, I blended both colours to get the desired finish and patted on to my blemishes and under eye circles , the consistency is really creamy so perfect for picking up product and makes it easy to work with. 

Last step was the powder , i'm not a massive user of powder as it makes me feel really cake so tend to just apply it it the areas where my make up slips during the day and I really liked this one , a really nice finish and colour which I had fears about since the foundation was too dark for me.

I would definitely recommend this kit, they have the kit in light, medium & deep so make sure you pick up the right one!

Thanks for reading and comment below on your opinions of the kit!

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Barry M Nail polishes // Autumn shades

Barry M have brought out an autumn gel nail polish range to add to their already gorgeous colour range.

I first seen them featuring in a few blog posts and thought the colours were just amazing.
They remind me of fallen leaves on a crisp autumn morning (getting all poetic)

These two colours I picked up were chilli & paprika , loving the names!

Application was great as usual , always a shiny & sleek finish.Another big factor in nail polish with me is definitely how long they take to dry , I'm the most impatient person ever and always seem to be doing something so waiting on my nails to dry is just a big no no , I've found with the Barry M gel range it drys so quickly!

Both of these were £3.99 and both Boots & Superdrug have deal on Barry M right now so definitely rush to the shops to pick up your new Autumn colours!

Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

September Birchbox // Review

Oh beauty boxes , one of the things I really have a love / hate relationship with , well used too!

I subscribed to birch box some time last year and was throughly disappointed , I have paid £10 to get some samples most of which said 'free sample on them' so I unsubscribed straight away.

Through that time i've seen a vast improvement in the boxes and thought I would give it a whirl again , So I subscribed at the beginning on September. 

I'm going to do a little review on the products in the box and what I thought it it as a whole!

So this months box was based on Happy days as you may have guessed! about sharing and remembering good & happy times and all items in the box are to keep you looking great through they times. I thought this was such a sweet idea! 

On to the products

Caudalie // Divine Oil

I have to say I am super impressed with this item, the sample is in a glass bottle and it's 15ml. I'm really bad at describing smells but this smells like cucumber I think don't count me on that! 
You can use this product on face , hair & body , I've used it quite a few times on my hair just on the ends and it's so lovely. Leaves it smelling nice and looking nourished!

Benefit // It's potent! eye cream

I'm sure everyone and their cat has heard about benefits skin care. I haven't got a chance to try anything out yet so when I seen this in the box I was supppper excited. I have read a lot of great reviews and nothing but nice things said about it and I would have to say the same, it's cooling on the eyes and smells very clean. I was impressed with the sample size as well! especially since this is a product where a little goes a long way!

Modelco // Lip Lacquer in Morrocco

Unfortunately for this product in was in the wrong place and the wrong time!
Lipgloss & I don't get along very well and this product really emphasised my dislike for them, I swatched this on the back of my hand and as soon as I took the applicator out the tube the were drips on lipgloss falling off  MESSSSS, this is probably the stickiest lipgloss I've ever tried another reason why I wouldn't let it near my lips and it was really sheer which isn't a problem for some people but I like lip colour to be a lot more pigmented.

I do have one plus about this product and thats it smells like strawberries , so maybe i'll just have it as a small snack instead of lipgloss. (obviously joking)

Premae // Mild dermabrasion face & body scrub 

This product I reallly liked, I often dabble with face scrubs at this time of year cause of the dry skin but I feel like most of the ones I tried just dried it out even more, but this was like a burst of moisture and will definitely be investing in the full size product!

Agave // Healing oil treatment 

This little one is quite a treat, it smells GORGEOUS and rubs in to the ends of my hair just amazing! the sample bottle is glass which I much prefer and a little goes a long way! so I'm sure this will last me a little while before I definitely repurchase!

Urban Fruit // Smashing strawberry

I loved these! they simply just strawberries that have been baked and my god they are tasty. I love little snacks like this that I can just pop in my bag for when I'm out and about and get a bit peckish. You can get these in a variety of different fruits and I will definitely be getting some more!

Well thats my review of Septembers birch box , fancy picking one up yourself? just use this link http://birchbox.co.uk/?raf=19411

Thanks for reading!

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