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Monday, 27 January 2014

Graze Galore

Honestly this is the highlight of my day,
I purchased these before but due to money problems I had to unsubscribe,even though they are ridiculously cheap (£3.89) .I think the reason I shone to these as much as I did is I have problems choosing healthy snacks and how to make them taste good and not bland, and with this box is shows you different fruits,nuts etc that go well together or portion size that is appropriate for a snack which I also have trouble with, and before I go to reach for a packet of crisps in the cupboard I can think oh I wonder what I have in my graze box and have something from there instead.

The variety of foods you can taste as well is so exciting, they've introduced beef jerky,a porridge box and kids options,so really these can suit whatever grazer!

I definitely think I will be staying with this now.

Also have a code for a first free graze box for friends etc which is Z2R27P1PD
So you can try for yourself

Thank you for reading!x

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