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Friday, 3 October 2014

Travel make up bag // October

I thought I would do a post on what I take in my travel make up bag i.e. travelling to work, unfortunately not on holiday!

I used to take crazy amounts and never use half of it so I got a new make up bag out of Primark and thought I would cut down what I was taking!

For brushes I picked up the Real Techniques mini must haves which you can find at superdrug for £7.99! They are perfect travel size and have the same great quality as full size Real Techniques , I carry two full size ones , the contour brush which I used for blending concealer and applying powder and the detailer brush for those awkward little creases and you can never go wrong with a pair of tweezers!

Like I said I used to take my whole face make up with me but I now I just take bare essentials , I usually take foundation even if I don't use it to sort my make up never know where I might end up and its just a safety net!

Concealer , eyebrow pencil and lipstick are my must haves!! I always end up rubbing off my eyebrows and I always need things concealed. Powder is usually another essential but this little Soap and Glory Concealer beauty has a power in it! saving space is my game!

I tend to always carry two lipsticks as I wear a nude to work but might be going out afterwards and like to use a more bold colour so I pop two in the morning.

What is the Hersheys lip balm I can hear you say, from Primark for £1 I wasn't expecting much but it is the tastiest lip balm Ive ever had and really moistening for the time it stays on my lips which doesn't tend to be long!

Thanks for reading, If you want to know where the rest of the products are from let me know!

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