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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Mini lush haul // November

This past month has just been insane for me and I've had little time to even think about blogging which has made me feel really incomplete!! Now that I'm back on track and in routine i'm back to doing what I love.

I thought I would just jump right in with a little lush haul , a few things from the christmas range and a few just golden oldies!

Basically this is the second time i've bought this stuff in the space of a month because my first attempt I left lying somewhere for a lucky person to pick up (not intentional) but I can't go too long without having a lack of lush products in my life so I replaced them all.

Now onto the part everyone is here for!

Hot toddy // shower gel £3.95

This product is from their christmas range , a gorgeous burgundy colour with shimmery gold sprinkles in it to dd that festive feeling! This has a little biota a manly smell to it, quite spice but none the less still gorgeous and moisturising!

Melting snowman // Bath melt £2.25

This very sad looking snowman is very similar smelling to the hot toddy shower gel except this one, made with almond oil and cocoa butter , so super smoothing and relaxing , just pop this in the bath and let the little guy do his thing. Although i'm quite upset to realise he should have had a orange nose , mines must have fell off!

Snow fairy sparkle // Massage bar £4.95

This gorgeous snow fairy delight is my favourite , smells exactly like all the other snow fairy items which I'm sure you have all tried out! With a gorgeous silver sparkle through it too make you look glowing and left smelling like... well an angel!

Candy mountain // bubble bar £2.75

Last but certainly not least is good old candy mountain , not in the christmas range but just always one I can't get enough off with its calming colours and sweet smell I always make sure I pick this up, it's also a very similar smell too the rockstar soap which I'm also a big fan of!

Thats its for my lil mini lush haul , thanks for reading!!

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