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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

25 things I want to do this summer | thegreatcatsbyx

I've been inspired!

So last night on one of my late night tea drinking you tube video watching episodes I was having I came across Aflies videos 25 things to do this summer , I love these types of videos or blog posts as they just make me feel like I'm not the only one that needs to be a bit more productive and also inspires me in what they come up with no matter how big or small

I've specifically decided to do it this year as I'm sick of the summers passing (even winters and i'm in the same position as before (although last summer has got to be my best so far) so now i'm setting myself personal challenge to top last year and make it something to never forget and just a skill to gain on improving yourself.

So here we go!

1. See more shows 

2. Be involved in Edinburgh fringe festival

3. Talk to more people in any situation

4. Go on more walks in the morning 

5.  Get my skin in a better state

6. Not being afraid to go without tights ( too hot for them )

7. Have a massive BBQ with all my loved ones

8. Spend more night outside with my other half and the chimanea just talking

9. Start driving lessons 

10. Gut and change my room about and remove a lot of clutter 

11. Try and save some money from my pay

12. Read more books 

13. Get started in a new college course

14. Be more social 

15. Begin to go to the gym or go swimming more

16. Change my hair colour 

17. Attend some festivals 

18. Go on road trips to places I haven't seen

19. Definitely do more blog posts!

20. Make sure I surround myself with happy people

21. Eat my veggies & drink more water 

22. Do something completely out my comfort zone!

23. Listen to new bands

24. Go to free gigs in my local town

25. Make sure everyday I've done something that makes me happy 

So there is my list , it is quite intense if I say so myself but even if I achieve one thing off this list I will be proud of myself , as I've set out to do it and completed

Thank you so much for reading and if you have made your own list please link me to it as I would love to read yours too :D

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