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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sally Hansen maximum growth | review

So a while back now I decided to take the plunge and go back to college! The search for an ideal career wasn't getting anywhere and I thought I should just return to education and start getting qualified in a field that I love in beauty therapy!

So for an college interview there was a condition that you weren't allowed to wear nail enamel or extensions which I don't really know why I didn't guess before and I freaked!! I had nail tips on and knew that underneath was going to be a train wreck and yes yes it was 

Thankfully I got the email two weeks before interview so I had time to improve 

I have always had quite brittle and thin nails but as soon as I take extensions off like everyone my nails and just non existent which can be very irritating , I've also never really spent more than 3 days without nail enamel as I just can't stand the sight of bare nails but I had to push though and just get over my fear of it!

So I rushed to the shops to find some products which would assist with nail growth and just strengthening the nails and I came across Sally Hansens maximum growth for £4.89 

I thought it was a great price and has read really positive review about it and with promises of stronger nails in a week I knew this was the one I had to try out 

So two weeks down the line I can tell you this product is a definite go to with trouble nails , I got into a routine of filing and re applying every two days 

I think the strength was more noticeable than the growth which really wasn't a problem cause it was so strengthening I didn't see any breakage in the nail which I get very very often and why I usually cover up with fake nails , I would recommend this to anyone have trouble with short brittle nails!!

Thanks for reading :) :) 

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