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Monday, 16 June 2014

Summer dress bargains | thegreatcatsbyx

So I was browsing my wardrobe the other day fr a nice outfit since the sun was shining and I wasn't feeling any dark colours at all

And all I noticed was a very dull outdated wardrobe , definitely called for a trip to town I had a scan around River Island and New look and saw some nice pieces but at this time 'im trying to save money so I thought I bet head to my trusty Primark not expecting to find much.

Until I came across these two beauties!

Both very floaty bright summer dresses and only £5 each! They have a nice fit to them more so the white than orange.

The white has ties around the back to pull the waist in which I was impressed by , it definitely hid my bumpy bits with but with only on issue , it is extremely see through I would invest in some white undergarments. The thing I like the most about this dress is it's so easy to layer with accessories and if I gets chilly on summer nights it's easy to shove on any cardigan without worrying of clashing colours. This one is my favorite!

Now the orange one , the first thing was definitely the pattern that attracted me to this , the gorgeous floral print and the bright and vibrant colour , now this dress does not do your figure justice at all I feel though if I got the bigger size this would have been a bit less obvoius and clingy 

Let me know if you'd like to see an outfit of the day with one of these dresses :)

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