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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Naked 2 basics palette // Eyes for beginners

I've never been the biggest user of eyeshadow , although with the eyeliner its a big yes.Thats why until now I have never thought to invest in a palette from urban decay or any high end brand, no matter how much they were raved about.

After Christmas though I had a bit of spare money ,new year , new me , new make up! So I picked up the basics 2 palette just to try out and experiment before I got one of the bigger palettes.

This palettes has 6 neutral matte shades starting from the lightest 'Skimp' which is a cream colour to the darkest 'Undone' which is a grey shade.

To apply these shades I use my Real Techniques Nic's picks base shadow brush for the base colour obviously and my angled shadow brush to place in the crease so it's a bit more precise, I use either of these brushes to blend out and my fingers if I get impatient!

I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who is a bit weary of experimenting with eyeshadow as I was , it has converted me.

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