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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Alfie the hamster

Two days three days ago my other half and I bought a hamster :D after long consideration we couldn't wait about anymore and found this little guy in pets at home,I feel instantly in love with him 

yes the cage is pink and the ball we got for him too is pink but this is before we bought him and thought we were going to get a girl, but i'm sure he loves it! obviously as we have only had him for a little while he is very shy and nervous but I made brilliant progress last night with him where he took treats out of my hand and actually climbed onto me (I had to stop myself from screaming with cuteness) 
I'm letting him have his time and create his own space without me touching much and letting him place them where he wants it

Since I've got Alfie I haven't stopped looking at things online to buy for him and at pets at home, I just want to get everything for him

Luckily his cage can be added on to and buy tubes and different sections and when I have a bit more room i'll definitely do that as I don't want him to only have this space,he should be able to explore.

Thank you for reading and i'm sure i'll keep you updated on this little chap :)

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