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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Primark& H&M haul

So this weekend one of my friends and I took a trip to Glasgow to see Jack Whitehall in the Hydro which was absolutely amazing but also a lot of shopping took place! surprise surprise I spent money!  but hey ho I got some lovely bits and pieces and hardly spent anything, I was mostly excited to head to an even bigger Primark than m local one as sad as that sounds so yeah here are the things I picked up in my little adventure 

So I had seen a few bloggers talking about this but I couldn't find this in my local Primark,So when I looked at the make up section I was so thrilled to find this,I got it in medium and was only £1.50!! so I wasn't going wrong any where by buying it, I have only used a couple of times but I find this perfect with the spoolie on one end and pencil on the other is perfect for taking places and can be applied so lightly to give a natural look! I would definitely recommend this 

I bought these boots in my local Primark but felt they needed a mention in this haul as they are just gorgeous, I love Chelsea boots (not just because it is my name) they are so easy to wear with anything and my god they are comfy these were only £12 so a complete steal! I also picked up some socks,not the most exciting part but thought they were pretty spring colors and would look nice with my boots and costing only £2.50

Now these little accessories pieces I picked up I thought were just so pretty,starting with the sunglasses cause thank goodness the sun is starting to peak back through! they look cat eye with polka dots on the legs,just a nice little extra piece for £2.50, I also picked up some bun toppers which is a thing I have never owned but yet again the spring colors dragged me into buying these and only £1.50 each and the last piece was the silver Aztec design neck,it reaches all the way around the neck and is quite heavy but just nice with a plain dress and only £3!

Now to some clothes I picked these navy with red polka dot shorts for only £3 in the sale! I thought they would be gorgeous for summer, I also picked up this basic skirt for h&m as you could tell i'm a bit of a sucker for polka dot and just couldn't resist this for £4.

Thank you for reading :)

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