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Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Soap and Glory obsession

So just like 90% of the population i'm a soap and glory hoarder(feels better to admit)

This all started about 2 years ago and over this time I have tested,threw out,emptied an number of there items and up to this point this is what I am left with 

To some this may not be much and I agree I could do with a lot more if I had the space!

A few are duplicates but plenty supply makes me feel better
These here are my favorite products! 
Starting with the righteous butter this is so creamy and smells so light on your skin it's brilliant for the summer time!
The endless glove hand cream is heavenly yet again smelling just amazing it's leave your hands so soft and I always use the hand maid before the glove to give my hands a treat!
Butter yourself is lovely as you can tell by the fact I own three of these it feels a little moosey but incredibly smoothing!
And my last favorite is calm one calm all bubble bath, this is just amazing after a long day! you only need about 2 cap fulls so this lasts a while, it smells so calming and moisturizes your skin whilst your in the bath it is heavenly 

Now my least favorites, as you can tell there is not much that I don't like about Soap and Glory.
The first one would have to be the scrub your nose in it face scrub and the only complaint I have about this is it breaks me out, I have tried it many times bu always the next day have broke out but this is my own fault for buying this as my face is incredibly sensitive and this is strong smelling and very exfoliating but for somebody with normal skin I would definitely recommend this  
Now the scrub em and leave em body buff, on my body I like rough exfoliater this just doesn't do the job for me but it does smell gorgeous!  

All these products are sold on the boots website,but unfortunately some have been discontinued, let me know below what your favorite Soap and Glory product is 

Thank you for reading :)

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