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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Little life update.

I've not been very present for the last month as you have probably realised (or not thats ok too) but my life has been all over the place in the best possible way.

I finally managed to land myself a full time job after such a long time and a lot of effort I've been paid for the months of hell.

Due to this little perk up I get in at night and the first thing on my mind is going straight into bed and sleeping obviously not before I catch up on my favourite blog and youtube channels, I barely been able to fit anytime to see friends. It's definitely been a life changing month for me and trying to adjust but i'm getting there and love every second of it.

Another massive plus of me getting this job as I will have better posts and content ( as I can afford to buy the things I want too ) oh and i'm typing this from my new Macbook!! so editing pictures etc etc will become a lot easier and not having to wait ridiculous amounts of time just for my laptop to switch on!

So I'll definitely been back with more blog posts if you're still interested in reading! 

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