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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Clothing & Accessories Haul // August

So today I have a very little , very black clothing haul for you lovely people.

I thought I had a lot more to show until I started taking these pictures but thought I should still put this up since I said in my last blog post I was going to do one

First things first (I'm a realist) I have a bone to pick with Topshop , the instant I saw these shorts I fell in love with them so I got my usual size and nipped to the fitting room and I could barely get the flipping thing over my thigh so I got the bigger size and it still didn't fit, so I did what any normal person done, I still bought them for when 'I loose weight' wow I can get them on but dare I try to sit down!

Hopefully you can see where I'm coming from on the not putting the shorts down and walking away! these were reduced from £38.00 to £15.00 in the sale!

Next thing I picked up in Topshop was this crop t shirt (that does fit) after watching melon ladys video about crop tops for bigger people I decided to experiment a bit and found this was perfect with high waisted shorts or jeans , This was £5.00 in the sale 

This dress I have literally fallen in love with , I got this out of H&M for £14 I always feel like every time I go in this store it's either realllllly nice items or just very dire , this however caught my eye as soon as I walked in the store and thought it was just very autumny 

I had first spotted this cardigan on a friend and wanted it instantly (lucky for her I controlled myself) and once she told me it was out of Primark for £14.00 I grabbed my running shoes and off I went, It's so perfect to just go over any outfit of these chilly nights and to add a little something else , it's not the most exciting piece but feel its a nice twist on a wardrobe essential 

Last couple of items are a bag and some shoes nothing interesting behind these but thought they were very nice staples and have hardly taken both of them off , the bag was £12.00 // Primark and the shoes were £19.00 (I think) out of new look 

So there is my lil clothing haul, Thanks for reading :)

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