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Friday, 12 December 2014

Iphone 5s cases // Haul

I think my next favourite thing after having an iPhone is finding the nicest cases everywhere to accessories my other half!

I haven't got many but I'm sure they'll be a lot to add too the post but I thought I would just show where you can easily pick them up.

These first two are very similar i first bought the owl one and then seen they had a snowflake one and thought well I need to have some sort of christmas case! these are both from Primark and £3 each which is such a bargain.

the next one is also from Primark and I'm taking it as cat ears at the top and i'll stick to that story this one was a steal at just a £1 

the last one I got is from Tesco and its made my the brand Turtle, after having a lil wander they had a whole box of covers on clearance and I spotted this one straight away and at only £3 I had to have it! and it reminds me that life is definitely peachy 

Thanks for reading :) leave a comment below where you get your phone cases for some cute and quirky ones.

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