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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Benefit // How to look the best at everything flawless complexion kit review.

I picked up this little beauty from Debenhams last week and have used it quite a few times now so I thought I should share my opinion on the cute little complexion kit! First off, round of applause for packaging , here I am sucked in again just cause the packaging it to die for! i think you could agree!

Whats included?
Porefessional // 7.5ml
Hello flawless oxygen wow SPF 25 ivory // 7.0ml
Boi - ing 01 & 02 // 2 x 1.5
Hello flawless 'I love me' // 4.0g

It also includes some helpful tips & tricks to help you apply and use these products to get the best results , I thought that was a really nice touch.

Before I got started I cleansed , moisturised and applied eye cream to prep, this one I got in my September birch box and have got to say I am loviiinnngg.

I started off with using the porefessional , this is something I've never tried before despite its popularity , I was surprised when I took some product out and it wasn't clear or white like all the previous primers I've tried out but it was completely transparent on the face and blended well into my zones of enlarged pores!

Despite reallllly not wanting too , I didn't like the product at all. The colour was completely off and made me look orange but i'm ultra pale so always need the lightest of lightest everything! the finish was also very sheer but upon doing this post I read the tips & tricks and it says to pat on for a more full coverage look so I might give it another shot.

This I loved! I use for under my eyes and on my blemishes, I blended both colours to get the desired finish and patted on to my blemishes and under eye circles , the consistency is really creamy so perfect for picking up product and makes it easy to work with. 

Last step was the powder , i'm not a massive user of powder as it makes me feel really cake so tend to just apply it it the areas where my make up slips during the day and I really liked this one , a really nice finish and colour which I had fears about since the foundation was too dark for me.

I would definitely recommend this kit, they have the kit in light, medium & deep so make sure you pick up the right one!

Thanks for reading and comment below on your opinions of the kit!

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