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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Little Finds // Home Bargains

I'm quite partial to a hunt around stores such as home bargains , b&m's and even a little nosey in pound land. I don't always find things but most of the time I fid nice little pieces for my room to brighten it up or just add a little character.

A couple of days ago a took a trip into home bargains as ones just opened in my town , I found it okay there was definitely nice things and obviously at prices you just couldn't turn down.

I managed to find this nice Ring holder , which is just a little white dish with a rabbit in the middle. I thought this was just the sweetest and grabbed it straight away. 

The next thing was this mug.

Now background with me and mugs i'm addicted ( each to their own they say ) and every time I'm in some sort of home store I always go straight for mugs. I don't have a clue why this happens!

Needless to say my cupboard is bursting full of mugs to the point theres no more room for anything else! 

I saw this tin mug and just couldn't turn it down! But I thought I could maybe use it for my make up brushes instead of drinking out of, minus the risk of my cupboards caving in and all mugs smashed (possible worst nightmare) 

These two items now sit proudly on my dressing table and just add more excitement too it! 

Naughty me threw out the receipt but I can promise both items were below £2!! 

I think it your room just needs a little brightening up or a change these stores are the best

 If you would like to see a food version of this comment below as I've found some gold in these stores!

Thanks for reading :)

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