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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Loving this week #3

I'm getting quite into the swing of these posts now! 

This week I have chucked in a now beauty or fashion item as you can probably see and think i'll do this from now on!

So to get started...

Tartan scalloped top // Asda 

I had seen this a few times in Asda and always said I was going to buy it then change my mind but I eventually picked it up and took the plunge , I kind of went off this print as I just seen it everywhere but the shape and style of the shirt I loved, it was really flattering and fitted perfectly so I couldn't turn it down.
I also fell back in love with the pattern after seeing this on me. They have matching shorts to go with this but they didn't compliment me as well so I thought I would just get this.
At only £10 this was a bargain!

Pale pink shoulder bag // Primark 

I picked this up quite a while back but only have got started to use it and I love it! I got it based on the colour. I usually carry around a masssssive shoulder bag and it was just getting to sore and exhausting so I thought I would use this.
The space it a big limited but you have a front compartment to put little things in then in the main compartment it has a little pocket for your phone and a zip compartment. Ideal for just little trips about!

Rich moisturiser // Simple

Now I'm sure you have all heard about simple and what there about, about a week ago I was suffering from really really dry skin around my chin and upper lip , this happens from time to time if something aggravates it, So I cut my usual skin routine out and just implemented all Simple products and I know they work for me. I picked up the rich moisturiser cause I wanted this problem fixed quickly and can honestly say after suffering from it for 4 days just 1 day use of this and my skin was back to normal. Thank the lord for Simple!

2 in 1 cleanser & Toner // Nivea

I've never been a fan of something that claims to be 2 in 1 but when I was picking up a new moisturiser it was 3 for £5 and thought I might as well have a little nosey and I found this , I needed a new cleanser anyway and thought I would branch out and try a few more brands than I usually use, Nivea has been a brand I haven't used since I was really young so I picked this up. Ive used this about 10 times now and LOVE IT, the smell is so refreshing and  leaves the skin so soft to touch. Definitely impressed with this little find.

Medium house blend // Starbucks

I'm going to sound like such a snob here but the taste of instant coffee to me make me feel ill but I'm a massive coffee fan and have been since about the age of 12 , I can only drink ground, filtered and often dabble with what the supermarkets have to offer. I think it was quite a few years back that Starbucks starting selling their coffee in Asda & Tesco but before I would usually just buy it out of Starbucks itself, but I found this in Asda and it's just delicious. Although I think i'm going to invest in a coffee machine cause the cafeteria  it a whollllle lot of effort at 6 in the morning!

Thanks for reading!! comment below and let me know what you've been loving this week!

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