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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Loving this week #1

What have I been loving this week ( beauty wise ) I'm going to make this a regular thing , ever week if you hadn't guessed that and feature a few items that have impressed me. This won't always been beauty items. 

I know this is quite a popular post but I think it'll be a lot easier than massive hauls and ranty reviews.

So first off I took a little trip to Bodyshop to take full advantage of their amazing deal they had on ( finished now) but you were getting 30% off skincare and make up products along with if you spend £20 or more you got a free gift worth £26 which I just couldn't refuse.
For a while I had been wanting to try out the Instablur after seeing so many positive reviews about this. It had a very silky texture and unscented, I got a tip of one of the staff members to dab this on or use a brush to apply it instead of smearing it across your face.
With this product a little definitely goes a long way I just put it on the areas my make up tends to slip off first and not all over which I done with previous primers. I've used this about 6 times now and can say it's my new favourite primer the texture and the stay power it gives are amazing and would recommend to people that have trouble with greasy skin.

The next thing I picked up what a range I heard Rhiannon Ashlee talking about quite often this is the Vitamin C range Bodyshop have. She had explained how much brighter it had made her skin and how healthier it made it. I think in my panic of being a teenager and trying to get rid of spots , my skin was actually very dull and a bit bedraggled, So I picked this up as well, Now on first using the products I was scared as soon as I put some on my fingers there was a very pungent smell ( it was lovely ) but as people who suffer from acne know strong smelling products are never something to be excited about, but I went ahead and tried it. I've been using it for about a week now so I can safely say it hasn't broken me out which was one of the biggest positives.

The next item was the Buffing brush by Real Techniques which came in the core collection set I bought ( I loved all the brushes) but this one in particular was just amazing , the bristles were so soft on the skin and didn't drag , I've used this brush for both both foundation and powder and both uses worked perfect,I've never gotten along with make up brushes too well but I finally joined the Real Techniques party and don't know what I would do without them now

My final product of this weeks favourite product is Lush's cupcake face mask, after trying there cleanser I realised my skin was going to be fine with their products and wanted to invest in a really nice face mask that was also beneficial.
This one in particular is for people who are partial to breakouts, the face mask smells very sweet but my favourite part about this product is you have to keep it in the fridge so when you do come to use it , it is so cooling on the skin and I much prefer that to heating masks!
I've only used this once but it left my skin perfectly soft!

Thank you for reading :)
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