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Monday, 15 September 2014

Soap & Glory // Make up haul

Good old boots has done it again with there incredibly eye-catching deals. This week I seen  'buy one get one half price' on the Soap and Glory stand and just thought well any opportunity to take up a great offer! So I did I went and took that great offer up

I was already in there to find a concealer and after keeping stocking Collections lasting perfection for a good year I thought it's time for something new.

Now i'm not going to lie packaging is so important to me , I'm so bad cause if somethings looks nice i'll buy it straight away. Soap & Glory is just amazing packaging on the outside and the product.

Here is what I picked up.

Soap & Glory // Kick ass concealer.

Well this the beauty is just a great. This has a three step system.

Step 1 - conceal under eyes

Step 2 - conceal blemishes

Step 3 - powder 

As I said I had been looking around boots for something new and exciting to add to my make up bag and that I could try out different things with, I've never used different concealer for my under eyes than for my blemishes so thought this would be a great place to start, I'm quite partial to dark eye circles. I also loved the idea of the powder to set this in place, anything that keep my make up on for longer it a massive yes to me!

Soap and Glory // Super colour fabu lipstick

I picked up three of these , I got too powder coat matte ones and you can guess are very matte on the lips which I love the two colour were Pom Pom & Super nude, I seem to have become obsessed with nude lips and out of all the ones I've tried this one has got to be my favourite , just the seep colour and the stay power , also find matte things can dry out my lips really quickly but I never felt that with the lipstick. Pom Pom is a gorgeous deep pink colour, this apply gorgeous and also I've used this quite a few times now and doesn't dry out.
The next one I bought was just from the normal range 'Perfect day' cue Lou Reed. This is the one in the gold packaging.The colour is like a pinky nude , I'm really rubbish at describing what things look like, this goes on really sheer and glossy but still gorgeous on the lips.

I thought all these colours are perfect for Autumn!

Thanks for reading, Let me know if you have tried any of the Soap and Glory products and how they were for you!

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