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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Liebster award

 So I was nominated by Ellen Bourne to do the Liebster awards, I had absolutely no idea what they were but thankfully it was all explained on her post! Basically these are awards for bloggers who have under 200 followers 

The rules are 

Link bank to who nominated you 

Write 11 facts about yourself 

Answer the 11 questions the nominee has given you

Then you must nominate 11 other bloggers (not including your nominee) that have under 200 followers and give them 11 different questions 

Let the nominees know that you have nominated them and link back to the blog posts

Sounds easy enough!, lets begin.

So basically I have to give 11 facts about myself to begin with so here goes!

1.I'm obsessed with olives

2.I always try to finish a book but have only ever finished 3 

3.I treat my Macbook like my child

4.I get writers block far too often

5.I only ever own one pair of shoes at a time until they are ruined and get more

6. I enjoy a bargain more than the average person

7. I would much rather wear skirts & dresses rather than jeans 

8.I'm a snob when it comes to coffee and can only drink filtered 

9. It's hard for me to find a perfume that doesn't make me feel ill

10.The supermarket Morrisons makes me nervous (don't ask)

11. I love anything history and could watch documentaries for hours on end 

Okay so that was a lot harder than I thought but next part i'm going to answer some questions

1.If you could create & name a lipstick what would the colour and name of it be and why?

I would name my lipstick Dawn Breaking and it would be a dark orangey colour, I've always wanted a very specific kind of orange and I just think the sky in the evening in gorgeous and something to admire, Why not have it on your lips!

2.Who is your hero?

Morrissey ,Don't think I need to explain why!

3.Can you tell a story about how / why you got your name?

It's actually quite boring but basically since my mum got to name my brother my dad named me and he's just always liked it , I quite often get asked if it's after the place or the football team and sometimes lie just to make it sound a bit more interesting whoops

4.What is your pump up song?

It depends really what i'm getting pumped up for but an all a rounder would be Bad by David Guetta.

5.Favorite book?

The bell jar , Sylvia Plath.

6.Favorite actor?

Molly Ringwald

7. Three items you'd take on a desert island?

Ipod , like 3 litres of ice tea & breadsticks

8. Cats or dogs?

Both,I love both equally 

9. What can't you leave the house without?

Well the obvious answer would be my phone but also some my hand santizer ( I like to be clean)

10. Current top 5 songs

- Passanger , Lifes for the living

- George Ezra , Breakaway

-Troye Sivan, Touch

- CHVRCHES , The mother we share

-Mo , Say you'll be there 

11.Favorite Season?

Half way through winter it's summer and visa versa 

Okay so now 11 questions i'd like my lovely nominees to answer will be

1.favorite make up product of all time?

2. If you could have any animal as a pet would would you have?

3. Vinyl , CD or download?

4. Favorite musical?

5. What would your ideal career be?

6.Favorite time passer?

7. Prefer to watch youtube videos or read blogposts?

8. A crazy obsession you have? or a normal one any will do!

9.Favorite blogger or youtuber?

10. Tea or coffee?

11. Your inspiration?

I can't wait to read the responses!

So I nominate:

1. Ashlie Small

2. Emily Rasmussen

3. Alyson

4. Charley

5.Claire & Mike

6. George


I'm just doing 8 because everyone already seems to have done it!

Thanks for reading!!


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